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With All My Heart

With All My Heart is a one-of-a-kind immersive multimedia installation that allows guests to roam through four artists’ creative space, giving a never before seen behind-the-scenes view into an artist’s mind and creative process.

Four artists have created their unique version of a love letter to their community, crafted in their unique art and incorporating their lived experience. Through their experiences over the Covid-19 pandemic of love, loss, connection, and bringing new life into our world, With All My Heart explores our universal need for connection and community.

The installation will include explorations of complicated and challenging topics, including isolation and mental health struggles, childbirth, and loss. We encourage visitors to be mindful of this, and the impacts that these subjects may have on their own mental health and wellbeing. This is exhibit handles mature content and is recommended for ages 13 up.

Randi Lynn Nanemahoo-Candline

Randi Lynn Nanemahoo-Candline originates from the Bigstone Cree Nation in Northern Alberta. She works as a Youth Care Worker, Interpreter, and a powwow dance instructor. She moved out to Saskatoon to obtain her Indian Social Work degree which she completed in 2014. Her Indigenous culture teachings and practices have always played a huge part in her identity and have helped her to overcome many obstacles.


She is also a Jingle Dress dancer and thanks to her dancing and education she has had many opportunities to speak and travel throughout Canada and the United States. Dancing plays a huge role in her life and she enjoys sharing her experiences and cultural teachings with others.

It only takes one generation for a culture to lose its language. It takes four to reclaim it. You work every day to send light into the world to inspire healing in your communities. You are a proud, empathetic, strong, intelligent new mother who shares her learnings and love of life to create a better tomorrow for the future generations. Your beloved daughter, Nipin Rose, is the light of your life.


Enter into Randi's world.

Rain LaCroix

Oh hai, it’s me Rain LaCroix! I am a proud Métis 2spirit Franco-queer artist originating from the distant Red River Métis Settlement in the land of Manitoba, & now residing in lovely Edmonton! I’m excited to come to St. Paul and share my art with you lovely folkx! I dance, do drag, make lewks, and do everything I can to spread joy, love and acceptance! With me you get a true oddball, full of eccentricities, looks & an absolutely bananas sense of humour

You are Rain - an Indigiqueer Francophone metis performing artist with a flair for creating fashion out of unconventional materials. You have struggles to find your place in a world that tries to put you in a box. You send light into the universe by creating joy and you feel most at home on stage sharing your creations with an adoring audience. You discovered during the pandemic you're an introvert.


Enter into Rain's world.

Emmet Micheal

Introspective and enthralling, with equal parts grit and grace, Emmet Michael is a musician who was built on his trials. Turning to music in his darkest times, he found solace in his ability to share his heart with others through his lyrics. Drawing on his experience of transitioning from female to male, living with mental illness, and battling addiction, his songs carry a tone of desperation and sorrow. With soulful melodies and heart wrenching lyrics, his music conveys a message that is both powerful and vulnerable. Entirely unique, yet familiar.


Emmet invites us in to experience the world with him. Ever reminding us all of our shared desires to love and be loved - just as we are. An ingenious mix of intimate and explosive, tender and wild, this EP will take its listeners on a journey through the all too real feelings of love and loss. Accompanying the poetic lyrics are layered harmonies, striking guitar solos, melancholic strings and more. Raw vulnerability is what will always set Emmet apart. He bares his soul in a way that is sophisticated far beyond his youth. This is only the beginning for this talented songwriter.

You are Emmet - You tend to your art like a gardener tends to their garden. With patience, kindness, and fierce pride. You create are that tells the story of your journey. You recently learned how to control your stage fright... at least until the pandemic hit. Now you're reconnecting with an audience that adores you, and you're learning to bask in the warmth of the limelight.

Enter into Anna's world.

Anna Pratch

Anna Pratch is an organic free-range St Paulite through and through. Starting their creative endeavours with the North Eastern Music Association at 3 years old, and quickly adding dance, theatre, writing, and painting onto the afterschool schedule, it’s safe to say that Anna has always been on the artist path.


Anna really started to find her creative footing while at Ecole du Sommet, and eventually launched into being a full-time professional dance student at Alberta Ballet School, Royal Winnipeg School, National Ballet School, and American Ballet Theatre. Since graduation, Anna has been performing, producing, directing, and choreographing all across the province, but she always finds Alberta roads keep pulling her back home. Anna‘s favourite thing to share with you in her project is the interweaving of some of her favourite genres of art.

You are Anna - the arts are central to who you are. You have been dancing since before you could walk. You sing, act, produce, direct, and paint. Your heart is at its fullest when surrounded by your friends and loved ones, with the sounds of laughter and music filling the room. During the pandemic, the rooms were empty and silent.


Enter into Anna's world.

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