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Our Mandate

  • To advance education by providing structured programs regarding visual, theatrical, dance, music and literary arts, and by providing opportunities for students to publicly exhibit and present their skills; 

  • To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by providing high-quality artistic performances in public venues accessible to members of the community; and 

  • To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the aforementioned charitable purposes.



Our Values

  • Fairness – We demonstrate diversity, equity, and accessibility in our programs and operations. This Includes our inclusivity Policy which can be found here

  • Creativity – We encourage and support artistic curiosity, courage, and imagination.

  • Community – We work in service to our community by reaching out, building relationships, and providing programs that are inclusive.

  • Education – We provide opportunities for learning and opportunities for teaching.



We bring the community together to make art happen.


Strategic Goals

  • Community Awareness – The arts thrive in our community.

  • Relationships – Mutually beneficial relationships contribute to our sustainability.

  • Financial Sustainability – Operational security allows for innovation to flourish.

  • Advancement – Our progress is built on our strengths.

Our Inclusivity Policy

The St Paul & District Arts Foundation is committed to the presence and contributions of all persons regardless of age, culture, abilities, bodies, ethnic origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation and gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, or socioeconomic status. We believe that prejudice, oppression, and discrimination are detrimental to the growth of a rich and vibrant arts community. We believe that arts communities are filled with diverse participants, and that supporting the visibility of such diversity enhances the experiences of all community members. As such, this organization values inclusiveness and the maintenance of a safe and accountable space for all participants.

Our Message

The St. Paul & District Arts Foundation is entering its eighth year of operation. Its mandate is not only to provide art programming at our home, the Maggie Porozni Foundation, for the ARTS building but to carry out our promises to the payments and the upkeep of the facility. As an arts organization, our job is to create exciting and engaging art programs for our membership. This would not be possible without dedicated board members, collaborative instructors, supportive membership, willing volunteers, and generous donors/sponsors. 

Thank all those who have donated to the vision of the St. Paul & District Arts Foundation. Thank you for making the St. Paul & District Arts Foundation a place for the arts to grow in our community and area!


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