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  • Why should I enroll my children in the St. Paul & District Arts Foundation?
    The St. Paul & District Arts Foundation is more than just a program. We are an arts hub for St. Paul and greater community by encompassing multiple disciplines of art under one, members owned roof. We are committed to providing our members with quality instructors that are certified and experienced, with a high level of expertise to pass on to future generations of artists within the community.
  • What does my membership give me?
    Membership to the St. Paul & District Arts Foundation gives you and your immediate family members access to all of the programming provided by our organization. Members also have access to reduced rates on specialized classes, including workshops and private lessons.
  • Do I need to fundraise or volunteer?
    Volunteering and fundraising is not a requirement. However, we would not be able to put on excellent recitals and shows without the help of our volunteers. Families that choose to participate in volunteering and fundraising may be granted a volunteer voucher to go towards discounted admission tickets, events, or workshops. We appreciate our volunteers and the work that they do for the St. Paul & District Arts Foundation! Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or fundraising.
  • Where can I find the season/yearly calendar?
    The year calendar is available on the Home Page our website.
  • Where do I find the volunteer positions?
    Volunteer positions are located on Dance Studio Pro, the Volunteer Opportunities page of our website, and on the black boards at the foundation building. You can also email us at or call us at 780-645-2781.
  • What is the login to Dance Studio Pro?
    You can create an account as a first-time member or log in as an existing member to Dance Studio Pro by visiting
  • How do I register for classes?
    You can register by creating an account on Dance Studio Pro or by downloading a registration form and emailing it to Registration information is also available on the Registration page on our website.
  • Why is dress attire important?
    Clothing is form fitting so that instructors can see your child’s alignment and how their muscles are working.
  • Is it too late to register?
    Although registration is available year-round, entrance to the program is at the discretion of the instructor. Please check the website or contact us for availability of ongoing programming.
  • How do I make payments?
    E-Transfer (please provide us with a password prior to) to Cash or Post-Dated Cheques for the first of each month (please use the mailbox provided outside the office at the Maggie Porozni Foundation for the ARTS building, or mailed to Box 1775 St. Paul AB T0A 3A0) Payment information is also available on the Registration page on our website.
  • Why can’t we park in the front?
    Equipment storage is located towards the back of the building, so parking in the back is provided for the convenience of the members and their parents.
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