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We offer a variety of classes for every age and ability! There are many opportunities for performances throughout the year. Our programs this year will run from Sept 10th to May 4th.


We currently offer non-competitive programming but can offer competitive classes upon request.


Step into the enchanting world of dance and imagination with our Creative Movement class, specially crafted for little ones ages 4 to 6! This magical class is designed to spark the joy of movement, foster creativity, and nurture a lifelong love for dance in a fun and playful atmosphere.

What to Expect:

In our Creative Movement class, your child will:

  1. Explore Boundless Creativity: This class encourages children to unleash their imaginations and express themselves freely through dance and play. It's a delightful mix of movement, storytelling, and imagination.

  2. Develop Motor Skills: Through whimsical exercises and games, children will enhance their coordination, balance, and motor skills while moving to delightful tunes.

  3. Build Confidence: Creative Movement is all about building confidence and self-expression. Your child will learn to share their ideas and movements in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

  4. Foster Social Skills: Dancing with friends fosters social interaction, cooperation, and teamwork. Our class promotes friendship and respect among peers.

  5. Discover the Magic of Music: Children will develop an appreciation for various musical styles as they dance to a wide range of kid-friendly tunes.

Creative Movement (ages 4-6)  Sundays - 3:00 to 3:30


Experience the grace, precision, and timeless beauty of ballet in our exceptional ballet classes. Whether you're taking your first plié or you dream of pirouettes on the world's grandest stages, our ballet classes offer a nurturing environment for dancers of all ages and levels.

What to Expect:

In our ballet classes, you can anticipate:

  1. Solid Foundations: Begin your journey with a focus on building a strong ballet foundation. From proper posture to basic positions, we lay the groundwork for ballet excellence.

  2. Artistic Expression: Ballet is not just a dance; it's a storytelling art form. Learn to convey emotion and narrative through movement, exploring both classical and contemporary ballet styles.

  3. Enhanced Flexibility and Strength: Ballet strengthens and tones muscles while improving flexibility and balance. Our classes offer a full-body workout that promotes both physical and mental well-being.

  4. Improved Poise and Discipline: Develop poise, discipline, and a strong work ethic as you refine your technique and strive for perfection in each movement.

  5. Camaraderie: Join a close-knit community of ballet enthusiasts who share your passion. Form lasting friendships with fellow dancers who understand the dedication required for this beautiful art form.

Ballet 1 (ages 6-10)  Sundays - 3:30 to 4:15pm

Ballet 2 (ages 8-12)  Mondays - 5:30 to 6:30pm

Ballet 3 (ages 10-14)  Mondays - 6:45 to 8:00pm

Ballet 4 (ages 12-18)  Mondays - 6:35 to 8:30pm


Unlock the rhythm, style, and energy of hip hop dance in our engaging and inclusive hip hop classes! Whether you're a beginner looking to groove for the first time or an experienced dancer eager to refine your skills, our hip hop classes have something for everyone.

What to Expect:

Our hip hop classes are designed to:

  1. Build Fundamental Skills: From the very basics to advanced techniques, our classes cover a wide range of hip hop movements, ensuring that every dancer can progress at their own pace.

  2. Embrace Creativity: Hip hop is not just about following choreography; it's about self-expression and individuality. Our classes encourage students to unleash their creativity and develop their own unique style.

  3. Boost Confidence: Hip hop empowers individuals to express themselves boldly. Through dance, students gain confidence both on and off the dance floor.

  4. Connect with Music: Learn to sync your movements with the hottest hip hop tracks. Explore the rich diversity of hip hop music and its cultural significance.

  5. Foster Community: Join a vibrant and supportive community of dancers who share your passion for hip hop. Collaborate with fellow students and develop lasting friendships.

Hip Hop 1 (ages 6-10)  Thursdays - 6:00 to 7:00pm

Hip Hop 2 (ages 11-18)  Thursdays - 7:00 to 8:00pm

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